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CBD infused protein and energy drinks
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7NRG is the world’s first fully recyclable sports nutrition shake that combines energy and protein powders with broad spectrum cannabidiol (CBD). We use a powdered, water soluble form of CBD that contains 0% THC. Our specific milligram ranges have been carefully chosen to assist both during and after a workout.

With the world becoming faster everyday, we know how important it is for a product to be innovative and convenient. With that in mind, 7NRG utilizes patented technology packaging. Each pouch includes a shaker ball and the appropriate amount of powder for a single serving. All you have to do is Fill, Shake, Drink and Recycle!

The Only Cbd Infused Protein And Energy Shakes


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"In the past, I had used many brands of pre workouts to help enhance my training but none have boosted my energy like 7NRG!"


India Summer

Pro Bikini Athlete


"Being a professional fighter for the UFC, the training and preparations are extemely rigorous. Ever since I've been using 7NRG products, my recovery has been noticeably improved. "


Modestas Bukauskas

UFC Light Heavyweight


"I'm all about simplicity, so the fact that I only need to fill [7NRG] with water and shake is a win for me!"


Robin Zahra

Professional Runner


"7NRG takes me to another level of focus and intensity in preparation for my workouts. "


Pedro Pabon

Pro Basketball Player


Florida Memorial University


Florida Memorial University Miami, FL

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Hemp and CBD Expo, Birmingham

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The Basketball League Combine, Indiana